Mar Vista has premier real estate for sale in Costa Rica

Covid didn’t kill the real estate market in Playa Flamingo. It is hot right now and property and turnkey homes are going fast in Mar Vista!

Despite the closed borders and heavy restrictions during 2020, Costa Rica is bouncing back. In fact, tourism is back on the rise. In 2021, more than 1,000,000 people came to this beautiful place. And more people coming here to vacation, means more people falling in love with this country, and more people snatching up the real estate for sale in Costa Rica. They come here on vacation and they don’t want to leave!

That means that the housing market has remained strong and property and turnkey homes do not last long once they hit the market. Property and homes in Mar Vista have been following those overall trends and the newest development of Monte Vista is almost sold out already!

US investors are driving property demand in Costa Rica

The real estate market in the US is nuts right now. Prices have gone way up there, so people with an interest in ocean view and beachfront property are finding more bang for their buck in Costa Rica. Right now, it is estimated that over 100,000 US citizens live in Costa Rica and more are coming every year to enjoy the Pura Vida life. Numerous buyers and investors come from California, Florida, and other coastal areas and see the value here compared to similar real estate where they live. If you want to invest in real estate for sale in Costa Rica, the time is now!

Benefits for US and other foreign investors

Foreign investors are attracted to Costa Rica because they are entitled to the same ownership rights as citizens. In addition, there are no residency restrictions and no property taxes. Their relatively open trade and investment policies have made it much easier to purchase here than in many other countries. 

For buyers from the US, the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion allows individuals to exempt the first ~$100,000 of their earned income from their U.S. taxes. If both partners meet the requirement then, married couples can exclude the first ~$200,000. Even if you don’t qualify to pay taxes in Costa Rica, you can still claim the FEIE and gain the benefit of reducing your bill.

Mar Vista has remained particularly attractive to buyers and real estate investors. All the legal legwork has been done on every piece of property in the community. That means you don’t have to spend any time figuring out water rights, entitlement, or securing documentation for the like. In addition, their team can help you with every step of the process, from buying, to moving, to residency. These benefits have continued to draw US citizens, Canadians, and Europeans to the country and particularly to beach communities like Playa Flamingo. 

Real Estate For Sale in Costa Rica | Mar Vista

You can’t beat the ocean views in Mar Vista.

Real Estate For Sale in Costa Rica | Mar Vista

We have turnkey houses available now.

Real Estate For Sale in Costa Rica | Mar Vista

Act fast! Lots in Monte Vista are almost gone.

Mar Vista’s real estate for sale in Costa Rica is moving fast

Our community is in a fabulous location in Playa Flamingo. Just about an hour from the airport in Liberia and about 15-30 minutes away from major hotspots (like Tamarindo) you can find numerous ways to enjoy the natural surroundings and beauty of the country.  The well developed infrastructure, the amenities, the security, and the quality of life you can have here make Mar Vista an ideal location to purchase real estate for sale in Costa Rica. Contact us today to learn more about our beautiful offerings. +506 8704-2000

Real Estate for Sale in Costa Rica | Mar Vista Costa Rica
Real Estate for Sale in Costa Rica | Mar Vista Costa Rica