Mar Vista is one of the premier gated communities in Costa Rica with upscale properties and gorgeous houses. The spectacular ocean view from any of the 750 acres of the development are complemented by the diverse wildlife and landscape. And, 34% of that land has been set aside as a nature reserve, which residents love to explore. Aside from the beautiful surroundings, there are many other amenities that make this an amazing community.

Mar Vista is a safe and luxurious community

When you drive through the entrance to Mar Vista, you will be greeted by one of the security guards. There is always someone stationed at the entrance to welcome residents, to check in visitors, and to ensure the safety of the community. In addition, each of the residential areas in Mar Vista has an access gate at the entrance, which offers another layer of security. Since its inception, there have been very few incidents within the community and with the collective efforts of the developer and community members, it will continue to be a safe haven for residents. 

There are over 30 kilometers of paved roads throughout Mar Vista, so you will never have to worry about traversing up the mountain during the rainy season. Throughout the year you can find kids riding their bikes or skateboarding around the community on the nice roads. 

Also, when building, the developers always make it a priority to put cables underground. This allows homeowners to have that spectacular, unobstructed view and prevents outages during inclement weather. Although paved roads and underground cables can seem trivial, they add to the luxury and beauty of one of the best gated communities in Costa Rica, Mar Vista. 

There are numerous activities to enjoy in the community

Throughout the Mar Vista community, you can find numerous things to do. There is an on site restaurant, Gracia, that boasts one of the most spectacular open air dining experiences. You can enjoy the infinity pool at the restaurant as you sip cocktails and take in the view. 

Right next to the restaurant is the Mar Vista Fitness Center and Yoga Pavilion. Here you can utilize the equipment, take numerous classes, and work with a personal trainer on your fitness goals. Our top of the line equipment and experienced instructors combined with the atmosphere, make this the perfect place to tune your body and mind.

Spending time outdoors is easy to do at Mar Vista. There are 6 hiking trails that have a total distance of about 8 km. With varying difficulty levels, people of all ages and abilities can enjoy the trail system. Aside from the trails, there are a few playgrounds throughout the community for the kids. In addition, there are two clay tennis courts that are well lit, so people can play into the evening. 

La Paz School at Mar Vista
La Paz School at Mar Vista
Gated Communities in Costa Rica Mar Vista
Clay Tennis Courts
Gated Communities in Costa Rica Mar Vista
Hiking Trails On Site
Gated Communities in Costa Rica Mar Vista
Paved Roads – Perfect for the Kids
Surfing Near Mar Vista
Surfing at the Local Beaches

At Mar Vista we have a concierge service that can help you arrange excursions or experiences that you want here in Costa Rica.

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