There are numerous schools in Guanacaste Costa Rica and some of the top international schools in the country are located in and around Mar Vista. The different schools offer a variety of educational opportunities for your children. From hands on learning experiences, to community projects, to rigorous IB Curriculum, your student’s needs will be met at one of the nearby schools.

La Paz

La Paz is located at the entrance of the Mar Vista Community. From PreK-12th grade, La Paz brings together international and Costa Rican students and provides a rigorous and meaningful academic program. As one of the top schools in Guanacaste Costa Rica, it has a bi-lingual learning environment, upholds high academic standards, cultivates a sense of community, and empowers students to be active stewards of their environment.

The school’s core curriculum is based on US and Costa Rican educational standards as well as the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. There is also robust extracurricular programming with everything from athletics to Model UN. They have a soccer field, swimming pool, and great dance program as well.

La Paz is right in front of the entrance to Mar Vista. Your kids could ride their bikes or walk there!
-Certified by MEP
-Accredited by the International Baccalaureate Program 

Costa Rica International Academy (CRIA)

A school with dual accreditation, CRIA is home to around 350 students that represent 22 different nationalities. Their high academic standards had led to 100% graduation and college acceptance rate year after year. CRIA accepts students from 2 years old through 12th grade. Programs for each grade level are developmentally appropriate and academically rigorous.

All programs are dual language where students engage and learn in both English and Spanish. The facilities at CRIA are unmatched by other schools in Guanacaste Costa Rica. The campus has numerous spacious classrooms as well as a computer lab, STEM lab, science lab, swimming pool, covered gym, library, sports fields, a stage, and playgrounds.

CRIA is about a 10 minute drive from Mar Vista.
-Certified by MEP
-Accredited by Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools of the United States

Schools in Guanacaste Costa Rica

Journey School of Costa Rica

Although the Journey School of Costa Rica is new, founded in 2018, it has seen remarkable growth and success. That success can be attributed to its unique approach to learning. Working closely with PBL Works, REGGIO Children, Cognia, and Conscious discipline, Journey seeks to offer a student-led curriculum that is project based.

They want their students to get an in depth look at real world problems and become innovators who formulate creative solutions. At the same time, they develop the foundational skills that set students up for success to engage in the student-centered learning process. They also focus on social-emotional development, so their students can grow as human beings as well. 

Journey is about 15-20 minutes from Mar Vista.
-Certified by MEP
-Accredited by Cognia (formerly Advanced Ed) in the United States

Schools in Guanacaste Costa Rica

Educarte by St. Joseph

Schools in Guanacaste Costa Rica

Boasting strong English Language Learner (ELL) and Spanish Second Language (SSL) programs, Educarte has experienced many successes in its 14 year history. Their high academic standards coupled with their commitment to creating global citizens makes this and excellent choice of schools in Guanacaste Costa Rica for international and Costa Rican students. In core academic classes, students study the world around them to prepare for the unique challenges of the 21st century.

In order to achieve this, they supplement a more traditional curriculum with ecology, ethics and moral values, sports, arts, and music. Educarte also prides itself on teaching Costa Rican culture so everyone can experience the richness and diversity of the country. And, from surf to rugby, there is no shortage of extracurricular activities to engage kids at Educarte.

Educarte is about 15-20 minutes from Mar Vista
-Certified by MEP

There are so many options for kids schooling here. They will definitely have a solid education experience.


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